20 Moms Reveal the Weirdest Things in Their Purses (PHOTOS)

One of the weirdest things about becoming a mom is no longer being in control of the contents of your handbag. Gone are the days of cute little clutches holding only breath mints, a credit card, and some lipstick.

We are moms now. Now, most days we are lugging 10 pounds of diapers, wipes, toys, and God knows what else.

We asked 20 moms to open their purses and pull out the six weirdest items found within and the results are nothing short of hilarious. In honor of these moms, I also took it upon myself to write a haiku for each mom. Because nothing says poetry like finding a headlamp, stethoscope, and toy hammer you didn't even know you owned. Enjoy the slideshow below:


What crazy things have you found in your purse?

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