Ridiculously Adorable 'Kids' Chasing Little Girl Are the Cutest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

baby goatsApparently there's nothing cuter in this entire world than the sight of baby goats running. Particularly when those baby goats happen to be wearing little tiny sweaters and chasing around another kid (the human kind) who's pretty cute all on her own.

Who knew?! Baby goats don't just run, they leap and prance and practically fly, they're so filled with joy. Oh, to be a baby goat!


It's enough to make me consider the benefits of living on a farm. The whole manual labor thing is a turn-off, but I might be able to deal with the plowing and milking if it meant I could watch this every day:

Does this video make you want baby goats for pets?


Image via MissTsCrafts/YouTube

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