Girl Meets SpongeBob & Screams Loud Enough for the Whole Ocean to Hear (VIDEO)

sponge bobThink there's a lot of screaming when Justin Bieber makes an appearance? Well check out what Elwynn the 17-month-old does when she meets cartoon heartthrob hero weirdo, SpongeBob. She screams like a hysterical 17-year-old teen! Who knew toddlers had this much passion for celebrity Porifera? I fear for what this toddler would do if she were to encounter Dora the Explorer or Elmo. Folks, fan-girls like this don't come along every day. Check out the SpongeBob screamfest below.


She's not screaming out of fear. Oh no. This is a full-on OMGOMGOMG IT'S HIMMMMM!!!! Kind of scream. And then! He offers her a sucker. WHAT?!? Candy and SpongeBob at the same time? MY 2-YEAR-OLD DREAM HAS COME TRUE! This must be the most exciting day of young Elwynn's short little life. Well, I hate to tell her this, but it's all downhill from here. She's not going to top this one until she runs into Samuel Garner Affleck at the gym in the year 2032.

How cute is this girl? Do you remember meeting your favorite cartoons in costume when you were a kid?


Image via ElwynnHarper/YouTube

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