Embarrassing Pregnancy Stories Will Make You Laugh (VIDEO)

Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time in a woman's life -- but it also has the potential to bring some pretty unexpected and often embarrassing moments, that's for sure! The body definitely just kind of takes over during those nine months, and often we tend to have either very odd symptoms, or certain "urges" that pop out at the most inopportune moments.

A few women who were blessed with great senses of humor weren't afraid to share their embarrassing pregnancy stories with the hosts of The Doctors -- even though a couple of them involved pretty gross bodily functions!


Check out the video clip below to hear what these brave gals had to say. (Warning: you may never eat a Subway sandwich again).

Still want that footlong for lunch? I didn't think so. And can you believe that one woman who put a steak on top of her waffles? That combination makes me gag little just thinking about the syrup and steak sauce mixing together. (Blech)!

I don't know if I'd be quite brave enough to go on The Doctors and tell hunky Travis Stork about my most awkward pregnancy moment, because it's kind of a doozie to say the least. Of course, I'm not afraid to tell you guys.

I had a loonnnggg labor while I was having my son. And after a good 20-hours of contractions, I decided I'd had it and was ready for an epidural. The anesthesiologist walked in the room, and let's just say that he was incredibly easy on the eyes. He could tell just how exhausted I was and how much pain I was in, so he gave me a spinal block and an epidural. And it was sheer bliss. The agonizing pain immediately went away, and I felt my lower body going totally numb. I think I would've made out with that doctor in that moment if I'd had the chance, that's how good I felt.

But then as I lay there with the hot doc and about four nurses standing over my bed...a sound started to ring out from underneath the covers. It was me -- releasing a series of farts that sounded like there was an orchestra in the room or something like that. I couldn't feel 'em coming, so I couldn't suck 'em in. All I could do was lay there and pray that no one passed out from the bombs I was dropping. Not exactly the most subtle moment of my life, but totally hysterical for sure.

How about you -- have you had any funny or embarrassing things happen yet during your pregnancy?


Image via flequi/Flickr


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