Potty-Mouthed Toddler Is Funny ... for Now (VIDEO)

boy vacuumingMost parents have those double take moments in their children's early years when they hear a word spring from those innocent little lips that doesn't sound so innocent. As toddlers learn language, some of their words sound strangely familiar ... for sailors. They have no idea what they're doing (yet), and their mispronunciations often prove pretty hilarious.

Take the 2-year-old boy in the following video. He's adorable, but if you didn't know better you'd think he was cussing out the cameraman big time. The description posted on YouTube reads: "He loves to vacuum and is just learning many words. These words weren't taught to him, it's just how he hears them." Check him out.


Total cheap comedy, I know, but you have to admit it's funny ... for now. Just wait until grandma's there for lunch, or they're touring that new preschool. Of course, it's still explainable now; it's the stages that come after that which really make a parent sweat.

Next in the continuum of cussing after mispronunciation comes repetition. They don't know what the words mean, but they heard them somewhere (who me?) and are starting to pepper them into their speech. The crazy reactions they get from doing so just reinforces their power, so they say them more (and more loudly!). Grandma usually isn't so understanding of this stage, and starts wondering where they heard such filth.

Then finally, there will come a day, when your child knows exactly what "eff you" or some other choice phrase means, and will say it anyway. Maybe right to your face. Then no one is laughing.

What funny mispronunciations have you heard from your children?


Image via YouTube


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