10 Ways Anyone Can Tell You're a Mom

mom with bandaidsI was watching Sarah Jessica Parker pull a kid-size bathing suit out of her uber chic (and uber expensive) Mulberry purse in I Don't Know How She Does It when it hit me. So that's how the rest of the world knows I have a 6-year-old running around my house before I tell them! It doesn't matter where I go, how professional I dress, or how high I climb in my career, I might as well have a Post-It on my back that says "Mom right here!" when I walk out the door.

I can't help it. You can't help it. You can take the girl out of the playroom, but you can't take the playroom out of the girl. Wonder if you're one of those moms who can be spotted a mile away? Here's betting at least one of these fits you:

  • You have suggested to your 30-year-old best friend that she needs to zip up her coat before you leave the restaurant "because it's cold out there!"
  • The Band-Aid on your finger has a Disney character on it.
  • You've excused yourself from a situation with the words "I have to go potty."
  • You've noticed a co-worker is sick and asked, "Does your tummy hurt?"
  • You've grabbed for a friend's hand as you're about to walk across the street.
  • You are walking through the mall with a friend when you notice she's got salad dressing on her face. Instead of telling her, you say "Come here, you have schmutz all over your face..." and attempt to wipe it for her.

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  • You are the one person every one comes to for an extra tissue because OF COURSE you have a tissue.
  • One of the following has fallen out of your purse as you searched for your wallet at the grocery store: a matchbox car, a pack of crayons, the shoe to a My Little Pony, a broken barrette, or a confiscated Bey Blade.
  • You are the diner who busboys love because you clear any table of crumbs before getting up to pay the check.
  • When the phone rings in the office and no one is answering it, you've called out "the phone, the phone is ringing" and not so quietly continued "there's an animal in trouble, somewhere!"

Which ones will you admit to? Or do you have other signs that tip off the outside world that you've got kiddos at home?


Image via Elizabeth Albert/Flickr

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