Things Kids Ruin ... When Parents Aren't Looking


This picture is the result of my letting the boys play in the shower for too long a few days ago while I took care of things on-line and and ignored the fact that water was seeping out of the glass and through the floor.

They were happy, safe and I was able to get some work done at the same time... perfect, right? Or, not, as water poured onto my family room couch a floor below. Lesson learned.

I turned to my friends and asked if anyone could come close to this? Turns out, I'm far from alone...


"I was upstairs folding clothes and when I came down my (then) 3 and 1 year olds had painted their feet and hands with forest green nail polish. It was all over the walls and floor, as well as my new couch. I screamed, "What was I thinking?" and started crying. My kids cried too, then the neighbor called the cops. Cop says he has a report of possible child abuse. Sees the mess, laughs at me, and gives my kids some stickers." -- Jessica

"I missed the fact that my 10-year-old was trying to 'shape' her eyebrows last night. I now have a 10-year-old with half eyebrows." -- Amanda

"Awoke to find my 2-year-old had coated her baby brother, herself, and the wall with a jumbo tub of Vaseline. Ever tried to wash an eel? Both kids slipped and slid all over the place. To top it off, I had to actually REPLACE the wall where she wiped off the excess nothing would adhere there ever." -- Bonnie

"My hubby and I once woke up late. My daughter, 4 at the time, got up and quiet as can be got into the maple syrup and honey and poured it all over the kitchen floor and herself. I had to mop the floor four times before we could walk without making that sticky sound." -- Elizabeth

"My son was doing a school project about Blackbeard the pirate. While trying to explain what sulfur was, (Blackbeard burned it in his beard to be scary) I lit a match so he could smell the sulfur, I held it too close to his nose and burned him." -- Jo

"While I was cooking dinner a few weeks ago my 7-year-old daughter came out with a full face of my makeup on and asked how she looked. I told her she needed to wash her face immediately and to never get into my makeup again. Well she did as she was told but after using the wash cloth, she left it in the sink with the water running. We didn't realize until the light fixture downstairs fell and a waterfall appeared in the middle of the hall. The bathroom sink, cabinets, floor, and hallway carpet downstairs was soaked and flooded. NEVER underestimate the things kids do while we aren't looking!" -- Lindsay

"No water issues yet but I left my potty-training 3-year-old unattended with my husband's laptop and he peed on it. The $1,000 paperweight that we can't afford to replace ended up in recycling -- and I had a few comfy nights on the couch." -- Jessica

"Last year the kids were playing upstairs, and all the smoke detectors started going off...I did not smell fire but called the fire department anyway. We waited outside until they got there. They went in and went upstairs and Olivia had stopped the sink up with the drain and turned the water on and forgot about it!! Flooded the ENTIRE Master Bedroom ceiling." -- Natalie

"When my son was an infant he was napping and my husband and I took advantage of our alone time. When we were 'finished' we went to check on him. We opened the door to his room to first be smacked in the face with the smell of ca-ca. Then we stood in shock to see that he painted the walls, whatever he could reach, every square inch of his crib & himself and his mouth (sick I know) full to the brim with his loaded diaper. Poo everywhere!" -- Andi

"I was trying to put together our new bed frame and was impressed with how well the kids were playing. Then I went into the living room where the had crushed all the Styrofoam. I swear it looked like it snowed." -- Suzanne

What's the worst thing YOUR kid has ruined?


{Photo courtesy of Scary Mommy}

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