Good News for Moms: Babies Enjoy Playdates Too

Is there anything more adorable than watching two babies interact with each other? It's just so cute to put two little ones together and watch them giggle and coo at the sight of one another. And of course, when you have a new baby, an added bonus of introducing them to another infant their age is the fact that you get to have a little bit of adult conversation with their mom, right?

I know that setting up regular playdates for my son was key to maintaining my sanity as a new parent, and now there is even more reason to encourage other moms to do the same and get together with their girlfriends. Apparently babies are capable of forming friendships much earlier than we thought.

Who knew?


New research shows that babies as young as 6 months old look each other in the eye and make friendly gestures and joke around. In one instance, the researchers even saw a 1-year-old baby console another infant who was scared. How adorable is that?

I always looked at playdates as kind of a selfish thing on my part simply because I didn't think that my son really got much out of being around other babies. I honestly just figured that they were a good excuse to get out of the house and be around someone else who was going through the same challenges as me. I really didn't think that my son cared either way what we did on a daily basis. But as it turns out, I guess I was doing him a favor by exposing him to social situations early on.

And I guess it totally makes sense that babies like to be around people their own age just as much as adults do. It must get kind of annoying to have some lady standing over you all day, watching and following your every move and making googly eyes at you. It kinda makes you wonder what goes through babies' heads when their moms finally put them down next to another infant and give them a little space. They are probably pretty relieved -- and it likely helps them develop a little independence too. It certainly sounds like playdates are great for all parties involved -- so you might as well schedule as many as you can!

Does your baby enjoy being around other infants?


Image via gunnyrat/Flickr

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