'Sh*t People Say to Autistics' Is a Must-See for Everyone (VIDEO)

autismJust when you thought you'd seen a video for every type of sh*t people say, along comes another one -- and it's a good one. Posted by StimNation on YouTube, it provides a slew gaffes and gross generalizations people make when talking to people who are autistic. They're based on stereotypes and other misinformation that surround the complex disorder.

According to the site, "every statement written in the script for this video has actually been said to an Autistic person's face. None of these are made up. They are all real." I'm sure most parents of children with autism have heard plenty of the same ones and variations of them, and it's too bad. See it after the jump.


It's pretty powerful and eye-opening about just how people with autism are viewed in our society. I believe most people don't really mean to offend, and that they're really trying to offer support and let people know that they are interested or trying to understand. I know I've asked parents before if they've tried chelation or other therapies. Not because I think I have more wisdom about their child than they do, but because I've known other people to use it, and I'm just curious. Regardless of our intent, however, it serves an important reminder about the impact of our words and how much misunderstanding there is about autism.

With autism affecting so very many people in our society today, we should all make it a priority to educate ourselves about the disorder and to really be cognizant of not just our words but our attitudes. As they say at end of the video, "Don't be this person. Just don't be."

Have you ever heard these things? Have you ever said them?

Image via YouTube

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