10 Reasons Being an Adult Is Awesome

Last week, we had a hell of a morning. The kids didn't want to wake up, they didn't want to eat their breakfast and they didn't want to brush their teeth. After arguing with them for an hour, I finally raised my voice. "When you're an adult, you can do what you want. Now you have to listen to me!!" My youngest widened his eyes and told me he couldn't wait to be an adult. I explained that being a kid is much more fun, and to enjoy it, but I couldn't help but agree. While I miss certain things about being young, there are things I love more about being a grown up. Things like these ...


1. If you want to eat cookies for breakfast, you can.

2. Nobody forces you to wear a jacket, hat and gloves.

3. You can stay up as late at you want to.

4. You can say "because I said so" and get away with it.

5. Nobody forces you to eat your veggies.

6. You get to pick your own friends.

7. Nobody makes you clean your room.

8. You can buy liquor for yourself.

9. You know what sex is and can have it.

10. You don't ever have to take another standardized test.


What's your favorite thing about being a grown up?


Image via Scary Mommy

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