What Special Needs Moms Do All Day

special needs momSo tell us, special needs moms, what do you do all day? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask! Have you seen this handy-dandy chart?

This is the work of The Domestic Goddess, mom to an autistic child, and it totally nails the job from all perspectives, doesn't it? What the job is to moms -- and what it looks like to everyone else! Keep reading to see a larger version of the chart.




special needs mom

What society thinks I do: Throw tantrums like a spoiled child. This is the one that stings the most -- because people just don't get the concept, special needs. As in, "Can I get some support, here?!?" It's not easy to advocate for your child. But you know what? Oompa loompa, that's what.

What my kids think I do: Yes, they think you are magic. It's a lot to live up to, but hey, it's not that bad, either. Work it, Magic Mama! With a wave of your wand, everyone is asleep in bed. No?

What my friends think I do: Almost up there with your kids -- good thing you have the support of some great friends. They hear the real story right from you, and they understand what you're up against. And yeah, they think you're Superwoman. Because you ARE.

What my husband thinks I do: He knows you're calling doctors and educators and therapists and that one daycare worker and shuffling everyone here and there all day long, doesn't he?!?

What I think I do: If you don't award yourself that statue, who will?

What I really do: Yup, every single day you go to battle, dukin' it out on behalf of your kid. It's not an easy life, but you're up to it. Kick ass, lady!

Do you think this image pretty much captures what everyone thinks you do?

Image via The Domestic Goddess

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