Top 10 Neglected Areas of a Working Mom's Life

working moms areas of neglect
Ummm, remember me?
It was the genius Tina Fey who said the worst question you can ask a working mom is, “How do you juggle it all?” The implication being, you're failing at something. As a working mom of two tiny children, I actually would love to know from other working moms how they do it. Right now I'm working at home with a napping (thank god) 2-year-old that I have to get up in an hour so we can pick up his sister from kindergarten, and then finish the rest of my work day, grocery shop, shower, and maybe eat lunch in there somewhere. I'm overwhelmed. You are too, I'm guessing.

There are some working moms I look at and truly believe they have it all together, but I simply don't. No matter how many times I race through the house picking up toys seconds before the doorbell rings, or appear to have showered when I totally haven't for like 30 hours, I do not have it together.

These are the top 10 (but there are more!) neglected areas of this working mom's life.


1. The Dog

Poor dog. I'm pretty sure she's way overdue on her shots. Definitely overdue on her "mommy and dog" time. Luckily, the children manhandle her enough to count as "attention."

2. The Car

Here's what's wrong with my car: Huge bump with yellow paint attached on the driver's side thanks to a compact car lot only and lots of yellow poles. Missing cover to the back of my driver's side side mirror. One of my brake lights is out, I can never remember which one. So much trash in it, I'm embarrassed to let the carpool helper even open my door.

3. Email

With almost 10,000 unopened emails in my inbox, I know someone, or 10 someones, who I actually really care about are super pissed at me right now for not getting back to them. Some of which are surely ...

4. The Extended Family

It's all I can do to keep track of the four in my home. I love my extended family, but sadly I sometimes forget their names, much less what they called about four times.

5. The Dust

Obvious goop, yes, I got it. Dishes, of course. We have to eat don't we? But I could not tell you the last time I actually dusted one single thing in this house.

6. Underwear

I don't think one of us in this entire household has enough underwear to get through an entire week without doing laundry. That is sad. Especially because number 7 is --

7. Laundry

This is why some people go underwear-less in our house.

8. Volunteering

You know, we try. There are a few places I'll show up and give some time. But honestly, aren't I doing enough by making sure my children have clean underwear at least four days out of the week?

9. Crappy TV

I sure do miss all of my reality must-watches. Do you know how tortuous it is seeing these Real Housewives of Beverly Hills news stories everywhere and having no idea what they're about?

10. The Lawn

Someday one of our neighbors is going to drop by to announce that we're an eyesore and bringing down property values. Until then, I'm just going to pull really fast out of the driveway and not make eye contact with anyone on the street.

What are your most neglected areas in your life?

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