'Sh*t Urban Moms Say' Is Funny No Matter Where You Live (VIDEO)

As much as we'd love to be totally over it, the whole "Sh*t People Say" meme is just too amazingly funny to resist. I mean, some of these videos are definitely more hilarious than others, but people tend to get a huge kick out of ones they can really relate to. Hmm. Maybe I need to make one called "Sh*t Moms of Only Children Say." (Or has that one been done already)?

A new version of the meme called "Sh*t Urban Moms Say" may be geared towards big city moms with super-cool strollers, but moms with babies in any part of the country will probably find this video comical. It truly has sh*t in it that moms living pretty much anywhere catch themselves saying at some point during the week, even if we may not realize that we do.


I live in total cow-country and it takes me a good 40-minutes to get to Whole Foods -- but I still insist on shopping there.

If this video didn't remind you of yourself, then chances are that one of your girlfriends immediately popped into your head while watching it. C'mon -- you know you have that one friend who is completely obsessed with cramming a zillion activities into her ten-month old's week while still managing to get to yoga and the playground on a daily basis. And don't even bother suggesting that she buy anything for her child that isn't 100% natural and organic. That would just be an insult.

And accidentally swearing in front of your baby during a small bout of road rage? Don't lie. You know you've done it. We've all done it. And it's pretty hard to deny doing it when your baby learns to talk and swears at your mother-in-law because he has no idea what he's saying. (Cue the eye roll from her).

How great was the bit about the wine at the end? It's no secret that moms love their wine time. It's pretty much sacred. And the fact that the gal in the vid grabbed her Iphone to find out what time it was instead of looking at her watch made me feel like I was looking at myself or one of my other smart-phone addicted friends in the mirror. Watches are really nothing more than pieces of bling these days.

Do you use urban mom lingo even if you aren't an urban mom?


Image via UrbanSitter/YouTube


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