Don't Give Your Toddler What He Wants for His Birthday

toddler birthdayMy two-year-old is about to be a three-year-old in a matter of weeks. In addition to wondering how that many years passed without me knowing it, I'm pondering the toddler birthday gift. I have yet to ask him what it is he wants for his birthday, and quite frankly, I'm thinking about not asking him at all.

Not unlike Halloween, when you can dress them up however they like, you can really pick and choose a toddler birthday present up until around age five. Sometimes four if you have an avid television watcher (read: commercial watcher). So why should I give up that power just yet?


Somehow it was different when he sat on Santa's lap and put in his request for a light saber, which we promptly ordered from Amazon. Probably because I get no credit in that arrangement. Before long though, he's going to have very specific requests for each and every holiday that requires a present. But as of today, I could pick out my favorite kid lit book and give it to him and he'll be super stoked to get it.

Of course, on the other hand, there's something very cute about asking a two-year-old what he wants for his birthday, then seeing his excitement when the "sparkle horse" or "skate board" magically appear. No matter which way we go, it's all cute. Toddlers opening presents are adorable, since they love everything they get. So it really doesn't matter what I get the little guy. If he's anything like his sister, every present he opens for his third birthday will be followed by an awe-filled exclamation, "It's just what I always wanted!"

Do you let your toddler make requests on his birthday?

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