5 Craziest Places Toddlers Get Themselves Stuck

toy machineToddlers have the strangest little brains. The ideas they get are often unimaginable to the adult mind, and their outlook on the world bounces between the truly funny and the extremely frightening. 

They follow their passions and instincts, which often lead them into places that are both precarious and flat out crazy. Take Noah Jeffrey, a 3-year-old from Australia. The boy was recently found inside of a toy vending machine. He wanted a toy, and rather than get one the traditional way -- paying and playing for a turn at trying to get one -- he went for the sure thing, and climbed inside the machine after what he wanted.


A generous sort, according to the Herald Sun, he began handing out toys and candy to those around him during the 10 minutes he was stuck in the machine.

Fortunately, his mother finally was able to lure him out with the promise of another toy, and the company says it's going to be put a bar on the machine to prevent others from following suit. But the fact is there is no toddler proofing the world when it comes to their crazy ways. Here are five more crazy scenarios toddlers get themselves into.

1. In other vending machines.

Noah isn't the first kid to climb into one of these types of machines. Turns out it's not such a wacky idea (for toddlers), and several others have gone before him.

2. In potty predicaments

You'd think as much as they run from toilets when it comes to potty training that this wouldn't be an issue, but there are always a few a little too fascinated with the machinery. Whether stuck in a toilet  or found with a toilet seat stuck one's head, potties can be precarious.

3. With washing machine woes

The laundry room is full of dangers for toddlers, especially those who like to crawl and climb. Removing a toddler from a machine can prove a lot more difficult than removing stains, too.

4. Partying in the pantry

It's a more logical destination than most, but the damage they can do in a short time with a little food is mind-numbing. Remember these toddlers who got into the flour? Shudder.

5. With strange things in their nose, ears, and mouth

Sometimes instead of getting stuck in something crazy, they stick something into a crazy place on their body. Putting beans in your ears or biting the head off of a snake, hey why not? says the toddler mind. They world is theirs to absorb ... sometimes a little too literally.

This all serves as both an important reminder that we must  keep an extra careful eye on these crazy creatures we call toddlers ... and also as a recognition  that we can't possibly anticipate their every move.

What's the craziest scenario in which you've found your toddler?

Image via jelene/Flickr

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