18-Month-Old Plays Ping Pong Like a Pro (VIDEO)

Jamie Myska-BuddellEverybody thinks their child possesses amazing talents and abilities, and they do, but some are just more amazing than others. Take this British toddler, Jamie Myska-Buddell, who has some mad skills when it comes to ping pong ... or multiball as they call it. 

At first it looks like a fluke and that his dad is just hitting the ball off the paddle, but the more you watch, the more it becomes clear that this kid has serious hand-eye coordination, and he can actually play ping pong ... well.


Pretty amazing, right? His anticipation of the ball and his accuracy are incredible for an 18-month-old. I'm not sure my 3-year-old could hit back that many as well. Actually, I'm not sure I could.

Since his father uploaded the video to send a family member, the video has spread like wild online, wowing the world. It currently has more than 1 million views on YouTube. But Jamie's father, a former table tennis star himself, seems surprised by the reaction. He told the Telegraph:

It only had 350 views but then it went crazy last week - it is mind-boggling what has happened. We have been on ABC and now Ellen DeGeneres is trying to get us on. We did it as a bit of fun for Jamie and now everyone is raving about it - the Americans absolutely love it.

So is he a prodigy ready to take on the table tennis world? Who knows says his father, who seems to have a great attitude about his son's talent. He told the BBC: "I am not a pushy parent. If he wants to continue then great, but if not, fair enough."

What do you think of this ping pong prodigy? Have your children shown any amazing talents at a young age?

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