Amazing 2-Year-Old Snowboarder Makes Me Think I Was Too Overprotective (VIDEOS)

2-year-old snowboarderSomething I used to be really afraid of when my kids were toddlers was the possibility of them falling down and getting hurt. I mean, of course every little kid is going to fall down, go boom every so often -- there's just no way around it. But I lived in fear of injuries that couldn't be made "all better" with a kiss and a Hello Kitty band-aid.

Something tells me 2-year-old snowboarding phenomenon Ava Marie's parents don't suffer from the same overprotective tendencies. You know what I mean? I just feel like a kid doesn't end up boarding down California's Mammoth Mountain at the age of 1 (yup, she's been at this for over a year already) if her parents are chasing after her all the time with a first-aid kit.


This is the kind of thing you have to see to believe, seriously. If you're the hovering type, resist the urge to scream "BE CAREFUL!" at the screen:

Impressive, no? Beyond impressive, actually. Look at that kid go!! In her darling little pink snowsuit, awww!

But wait, there's more! Here she is at 2 years old, a seasoned pro:

Oh, did I forget to mention Ava Marie can surf now? And ride a pony? And a scooter?

Okay, at this point I'm starting to feel like I did my kids a serious disservice by sticking to the "baby side" of the playground and those uber-safe indoor playspaces where everything is padded.

Sorry guys ... if the X Games aren't in your future, you can blame it on this lady right here.

Have you ever seen a toddler do anything this adventurous?


Image via chrismerritt949/YouTube

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