5 Ways to Make Mom Friends on the Playground

making mom friendsNot since junior high have female-to-female relationships been so fraught. I remember my first neighborhood mom meet-up in the park. It was more awkward than a first date, and there were a heck of a lot more naked breasts visible. I left feeling even more isolated and not sure how, exactly, I was supposed to connect with these ladies who only had one thing in common with me: A baby born in the spring of 2006.


Yet, I pushed on, and eventually found myself in the middle of a truly amazing mom gang. It's not easy, but once you've mastered the art of mom-friending, it's very satisfying.

This conundrum is deftly illustrated by the super funny blog post from The 818 wherein she confesses to having no idea how to make mom friends. We've all been there, sister, and I'm going to help you figure out how to separate the mom-friend wheat from the chaff.

Here's how to make, and keep, your mom friends in 5 easy steps.

1. Don't Jump on the First Mom You Find

A rookie mistake, sometimes we just want to get it over with already and grab hold of the first mom who smiles our way. Not unlike when you lose your virginity, you will regret this impetuous decision. Mingle a little more before deciding on your mom bestie. And always remember, the crazies will usually talk to you first.

2. Make an Effort

When you do find another lady with a baby that seems like-minded and not at all insane, make the first move. Suggest you meet up a few days later in the same spot, so you don't feel like you're making a full-on commitment until you know each other better. This way you're showing interest, without pressure.

3. Don't Take Rejection Personally

If your new friend can't make it for coffee and story hour because her baby is sick, don't take it personally. Because you know what? Her baby is totally sick. We've never had so many excuses to flake out as these first years of child-rearing, and the thing is 90 percent of the time, these excuses are totally valid.

4. Realize When It's Time to Move On

You no longer have time to waste or energy to expend on negative friendships. If you've realized the only thing you have in common with this lady is a penchant for BabyLegs, and you totally can't stomach her wacky parenting philosophy, move on.

5. Don't Forget the Menfolk

What's even better than a mom friend? A couple friend! When you truly enjoy the company of both sets of parents, and the kids get along (or at least don't fight like cats and dogs), you've reached parent friend nirvana. Congratulations, your life is about to get easier.

How do you make mom friends?


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