Jack-in-the-Box Gets Awesome Reaction From Adorable Girl (VIDEO)

Toddler and Jack in the boxNo matter how many times I wind up a jack-in-the box, or Elmo-in-the-box, or any of those surprising toys, I give a little start when the thing in the box pops out. They get me every time, and it's no surprise that toddlers are both horrified and mesmerized by them.

The little girl in this video has one of the cutest reactions ever to one. It's a mix of awe and amusement with a strange veil of calm and collectedness. Watch for yourself.


It's all in the eyes at first; her body doesn't jolt, they just pop wide open. Then out comes the tongue. It seems like she's perhaps seen it before, but still finds it shocking. She's adorable, and I've watched it countless times.

I loved seeing my kids' reactions to various toys when they were young, and still do. My daughter, who just turned 3, is pretty fearless when it comes to most things. A jack-in-the-box didn't do a whole lot for her, but get anything resembling a puffer fish or a Koosh ball near her, and she freaks out. It was really bad when she was younger, but she still recoils and screams whenever she sees one ... which her older brother loves to see countless times.

Which toys get the best reactions from your kids?

Image via YouTube

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