4 Times Toddler Age Requirements Don't Mean a Thing

toddler age requirements
On Top of the World
If I had a dollar every time I shielded my daughter from age inappropriate things, I'd be a wealthy, wealthy, woman. After all, she was a toddler in New York City, and you can find inappropriate everywhere, and at any time of day. My son, however? Well, let's just say I've gotten a little lax the second time around.

First of all, he's the second child and is constantly exposed to older kid stuff. I can't divide the entire house into a "big kid" vs. "little kid" haven, so it all gets mixed up. At first I worried about what he might jump on top of, put inside his little mouth, or simply "see." But now I'm lightening up and realizing my older child probably would have been okay with a lot of restricted items as well. Which is why I'm no longer checking out the age requirements on every dang thing that crosses his toddler path.

If your kid is a second child, or just a badass, feel free to ignore the age requirements for the following as well.



We know you don't want to get sued, LEGOS, but honestly, my two-year-old can't keep his hands off your super fun blocks. And no, I'm talking about Duplos. He outgrew those at six months.


Yes, I know what PG means. I also know that ET is awesome, and my toddler LOVED it.

The Playground

My kid can scale any of those play structures with the label, "5 years and up," and I'm okay with that. Hovering below him when he hits the highest level, but totally okay.


My daughter followed the following regimen: breast milk, formula, rice cereal, purees, and after I was 100% sure she would never, ever, choke -- solids. The boy skipped the cereal and started gnawing on apples straight away.

Do you always follow the age requirements?

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