New Site Featuring Hilarious Things Toddlers Say Will Make Your Day

toddlerHelp, I'm drowning in "sh*t people say" videos! The meme has taken off like crazy and every day I see more -- and they're all hilarious. I'm not getting any work done! And yet, there is one "sh*t people say" video that I've been waiting for and have yet to see: That's right, sh*t toddlers say.

THAT would be the ultimate follow-up video. When is someone going to make it? Can you imagine the cute? I die! Okay, I don't die yet because that video doesn't exist. But any day now... In the meantime, I present to you the blog: Sh*t My Toddler Says


It's a blog loaded with all the wacky, adorbs uttering of toddlers, with submissions from parents from all over -- but mostly Ireland. Which means now I'm hearing toddler voices with an Irish accent in my head. AWWW! In some ways, Sh*t My Toddler Says in blog form is almost better than any video because it just goes on and on, and because there's MORE than you could possibly fit in a video. Here are a few examples:

Driving to the library with 3-year-old the other day ...

Him: Mummy, Mummy I have something to tell you.

Me: What is it?

Him: Liberry is not the same as blueberry!

Sam was googooing and gagaing so I said, "What’s with the baby talk, use your real words!"

Sam’s response: "Where are they?"

I replied: "In your head."

Sam runs off and says, "I’m going to find real words!"

Returns with a teddy from his BED and says, "Is this a real word?"

3 yr old comes running in from the back garden: Mammy! The snail talked to me!

ME: Really?! What did he say?

3 yr old: He said, "Crunch."

ME: Crunch?

3 yr old: I stooded on him, and he said, "Crunch."

Gah! So cute. I love how toddlers 1) figuring out how the world works and 2) figuring out how to talk at the same time results in these crazy declarations. Nothing shows you how silly our world seems to them like the kooky stuff they say. 

Oh, I know -- the sh*t your toddler says is way funnier. So make a video already, I'm dying to see it! Actually, I'm sure it would take forever to make one of those. You just can't stage this sort of thing -- the toddler sayings happen spontaneously. You would have to follow your kid around for a week filming everything they say. And then you'd have to edit it all into a 2-minute video. And what parent of a toddler has that kind of uninterrupted time? Oh well, back to the blog!

What kind of funny "stuff" have you heard your toddler say lately?


Image via efleming/Flickr

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