Adorable Giggling Twins Will Make You Laugh Twice as Hard (VIDEO)

laughing twinsIt never fails. You buy your kid the hottest toy off the shelves, and they play with the box. Yes, our kids seem to find amusement anywhere.

But nothing has quite driven home the phenomena that it doesn't really take an entire playroom full of toys to entertain a toddler like the video of adorable identical twins Judah and Levi giggling like little laugh machines while a man (their dad, I can only assume) holds a certain gadget in front of them. So what is it that has these cuties cracking up?


Of course it would be a digital camera, with pictures of them being displayed on the back! I should have known before I even clicked on the adorable YouTube video! In addition to being a blogger, I have been shooting weddings and family portraits on the side for years, and kids are constantly coming up to me, begging to get a peek at how they look inside the tiny screen on the back of my Nikon.

But I'll admit they rarely have reactions as cute as this:

You know how they say laughter is infectious? I think I've been infected!

And I can't help but relate. I have always marveled at my kid's ability to find amusement in the oddest places. And yet, the sheer amount of craft supplies, books, and other stuff in the backseat of my car is evidence that I always forget and go overboard. These twins may be the sweetest reminder we'll get all day that our kids don't need mountains of STUFF in order to keep them entertained. Looks like they just saved a lot of parents a lot of money on expensive toys!

What can you always count on to keep your kids entertained? How much did it cost you ... really?


Image via chrisandnate/YouTube

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