Little Boy Eats Breakfast With Iguana: Cute or Creepy? (VIDEO)

boy iguanaEating breakfast alone is such a bore. I mean, who wants to sit there with no one for company but a boring old bowl of cereal and bananas? Lame. Problem is, Mommy and Daddy are only marginally better company than the box of Kix. They just drink coffee and stare into space like zombies.

If only I had a breakfast buddy. Somebody fun. Some kind of animal, yeah! That would be awesome. I know, a bunny rabbit! Nah, it would hop all over the table and that would get old fast. Maybe a puppy? Eh, I don't know if I want to deal with all the begging. I'm so cute, feed me, whimper whimper! I've got the "cute" thing covered in this house, dog.

So what I really need is an animal that's ugly. And won't hop or fly or beg ...


Well, iguanas are ugly.

Apparently Buddy the iguana and Logan (the boy) don't eat breakfast together on a daily basis, as Buddy's regular diet consists of vegetables, not puffed corn balls. (Though he seems to be a fan of the cereal.)

And as ... uh ... charming a companion as Buddy makes, I can't help but think that's probably a good thing. Like most reptiles, pet iguanas can carry salmonella, which -- last time I checked -- is not part of this complete breakfast.

Maybe I'm being overly squeamish? Watch this clip and tell me ...

Is this boy's breakfast with an iguana cute or creepy?


Image via applejack720/YouTube

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