Truthful Toddlers Don't Always Make Moms Happy

toddler talkingYou can never predict the complex emotions that bubble up when you become a parent -- emotions so mixed-up and complicated you didn't even know they existed until you had that kid.

Take for example the 2-year-old of Valdet Gjeloshi, wanted for violating probation on a battery charge. When the police came to his house looking for Valdet, his loyal girlfriend lied and told them he wasn't at home. But then the couple's toddler piped up and informed the police that of course Daddy was home -- he was just hiding in the attic! Oh, what must have gone through Mom's head right at that moment.


On the one hand, what an honest little tyke, telling the truth to authority figures! If I were living with someone with, er, problems with the law I would be constantly worrying about my parenting. How do you teach your child right from wrong if Daddy keeps getting into trouble? But wow, her kid did the right thing and told the truth. Maybe you're doing something right after all. That would make me feel proud of my child.

Oh the other hand -- aw crap! Why do kids have to TALK SO MUCH? How frustrating to get ratted out by your own child. UGH! Once Valdet is arrested he's not going to be around to help out with the childcare, take out the garbage, or earn half the household income. Not helping, 2-year-old! Even worse, Mom now faces obstruction charges, so both parents are in trouble. Shame and anger!

Okay, not to make light of this serious situation -- I sincerely hope it all turns out for the best for all three of them. But wow, sometimes the wacky stuff that comes out of kids' mouths just makes us crazy, right? Heartbreaking, adorable, and sometimes just totally, horrifically wrong.

Has your child ever said something that made you both proud and angry at the same time?


Image via miss.libertine/Flickr

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