4-Year-Old Dinosaur Expert Gives Toy Makers a Lesson in Paleontology (VIDEO)

stella dinosaur expertWake up, toy industry: Kids aren't as stupid as you think! Right on the heels of Riley the Anti-Pink Crusader comes Stella the 4-year-old Dinosaur Expert, who knows a Triceratops when she sees one ... and the dinosaur on that 3D Movable Triceratops Puzzle box is definitely NOT one.

Stella's knowledge of dinosaur anatomy is impressive indeed, but what really cracks me up about this video is the little girl's attitude. She's not particularly indignant or outraged; on the contrary, she seems to almost feel sorry for the ignorant toy maker who doesn't even know where a Triceratops' horns are supposed to go. Sigh.

My favorite part comes at the very end ...


When, after giving a detailed explanation of why the toy dinosaur in question is a Styracosaurus, not a Triceratops, Stella takes pity on the puzzle manufacturer.

"They got the beak right," she says. It's okay, puzzle maker, you're not a total moron!

Truthfully, though, toy makers are total morons if they don't start paying attention to what smart, savvy kids like Stella and Riley have to say.

Check out Stella's first Paleontology 101 lecture:

Do you think toy companies underestimate how smart kids are?

Image via YouTube

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