Adorable Toddler Makes Dancing in Public Look Like a Good Idea (VIDEO)

toddler danceThere's no one quite as footloose as a toddler in front of a mirror when she hears a good beat. Especially if she happens to be wearing cute little pink shoes. Oh, if only we could all be as uninhibited as the little girl in this video! (Not counting that time at your cousin's wedding when the D.J. played "Hot, Hot, Hot" after the tequila shooting contest.)

Seriously, can you imagine how different the world might be if everybody felt so free and full of life? There would be virtually no stress. People would never get impatient or go out of their way to be mean to anyone.

World peace could be achieved at last.


Okay, maybe that's a tiny bit unrealistic. But I really don't think it's entirely off-base, either. I remember when my kids were young enough to give themselves over to spontaneously joyful outbursts like the one this girl has in the middle of what looks to be an ordinary, everyday shopping trip. At the risk of sounding syrupy sweet, those moments make life worth living.

Unfortunately, they're a lot less frequent as we get older and become more aware of social cues and what sort of behavior is acceptable in public (and what sort of behavior will result in mall security being called).

So if you've got a little one who's still in the dancin' fool phase, enjoy it. Maybe even dance along:

Does your toddler like to get down anytime, anywhere?


Image via YouTube

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