15 Things I Wish for My Teen Daughter This Christmas

charlotte singMy daughter isn't a teen yet. But she's getting there, faster than I ever thought she would. And there are so many things I wish I could give her before the teen years are officially upon us. Not material things, like a wardrobe stocked with whichever labels are guaranteed to buy her cool-girl-of-the-moment status, or even the promise of such accomplishments as a 4.0 GPA.

No, the things I wish for my teenage daughter are probably the same things you wish for yours; the same things we wish for our former teenage selves. All that life-altering knowledge most of us learn the hard way, left to wonder for the rest of our lives what it would be like "if we knew then what we know now."

If only I could wrap that knowledge up in a box, put a shiny red ribbon on it and put it under the tree ...

These are the 15 Things I Wish for My Daughter This Christmas:


1. The confidence to trust her gut reactions and listen to her intuition, no matter who or what tries to change her mind.

2. A sense of humor strong and smart enough to get her through high school laughing, not crying.

3. The wisdom to discern whether people have good or bad intentions.

4. The generosity to forgive people with good intentions who occasionally screw up.

5. The resolve to cut ties with those who continually screw up.

6. Optimism.

7. The courage to accept, appreciate, and honor her body for the miracle it is.

8. A sense of adventure (tempered with common sense).

9. The willingness to pick herself up, dust herself off, and start all over again -- and to look at every experience as a learning opportunity rather than judge herself for what she perceives to be "failures."

10. The freedom of truly not caring what other people think.

11. Passion.

12. The priorities of a woman 30 years older

13. Self-reliance.

14. The ability to tell a lie convincingly when necessary.

15. The strength of character to tell the truth anyway.

What do you wish for your teen daughter this Christmas?



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