More Family TV Time Is My 2012 Resolution

family tv timeHey, I'm a good mom. I limit screen time. I immediately switch off violent cartoons the second I look up from my laptop and notice. Which is why my immediate reaction to the praising of family TV time irked that muscle in my neck that twitches when I'm feeling judge-y. But then I read the whole piece and realized that family TV time is AWESOME. I mean, really awesome.

In fact, I'm going to do it tonight.


Watching television together has not been a "thing" in our household. Mostly because, unlike my own youth, my kids have their own cable networks filled with simpering rabbit siblings that I'd rather see die in a fire than actually sit down and watch. This split of "their TV" vs. "mom and dad's TV" has been the norm ever since we turned on Teletubbies. However, one sick day for both my daughter and me changed all that. That was the day my girl got a glimpse of both Project Runway and Glee. She was hooked.

While I stopped watching Glee because I think it's gone way downhill, there are other shows we can watch together and discuss. Also 'tis the season for my holiday favorites of Frosty, Rudolph, and The Grinch. All of us have sat down together for those classics and my kids were both thrilled to know that I did the same thing when I was a kid. We've had some wonderful moments chomping on Christmas cookies and singing Christmas songs together.

I won't have my little ones join us when we watch the season finale of Homeland (ohmygod, can't wait!!!) but they can get into Top Chef too, right? Maybe even some Modern Family? I was watching shows with my mom that were probably even more inappropriate in the 1970s -- think Saturday Night Live -- so I know the really dirty jokes will go right over their heads and they will love the silly stuff as much as I do.

Family TV night may not be something one should do every night, but a weekly get-together around the old boob tube could be just what brings you together like a board game never could.

Would you have a family TV night?


Image via Tobyotter/Flickr

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