Little Girl Lives a Grown-Up's Life for One Day With Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

lulu grown-upKids love to mimic their parents -- at least until they figure out how incredibly lame we are. But during those early years, nothing seems more fascinating than whatever it is mom and dad do all day.

In fact, whether or not you realize it, your kid is probably watching you so closely, she could slip into your heels and be Mommy for a Day without skipping a beat. Much like this adorable little girl, who clearly knows exactly what her mom does all day and how to do it ...


She's especially precocious when it comes to such grown-up duties as groaning at her computer screen in exasperation, snapping at her assistant, and sitting down at the end of a long day in front of the TV with a reduced calorie frozen dinner and a glass of wine. And to think she's only ... well, we're not sure how old she is. The first websites to post this video put her at 6 years old, but she looks younger than that to us. Either way, she's cuuuuute:

Does your little one like to pretend she's doing the same things as you?


Image via YouTube

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