Awesome Family Video Spreads Infectious Christmas Joy (VIDEO)

Kids christmasWhen it comes to the holidays, I have a bit of the old fuddy duddy in me. I believe this time of year isn't about the presents. It's about the little kids! And I'm not talking the "scare the crap out of them with threats of coal" part of parenting kids at the holidays.

I'm talking full on get in the kitchen and let 'em cover the floor with flour and sprinkles, let them decorate the tree with a horrendous looking mishmash of ornaments and then take pictures of their creation, cuddle on the couch with Christmas movies, and share your kids' love of all things Christmas with people who are a little down this time of year kind of parenting. Or as one incredible family down in Nashville, Tennessee has done, take the infectious child-like spirit of the holiday and use it to brighten the world.


The Weaver and Cobb family not only wrote their own Christmas song -- "It's Christmas in Nashville, Y'all" -- but they somehow convinced little Addie and Caleb to act the whole thing out on camera to create a music video that will warm you right down to the cockles:

Awww! I wish I had even a modicum of musical talent so I could do something like this with my kiddo. Alas, we're more the bob the head along to someone else singing types in our house, but you don't have to do something musical per se to spread the cheer. Just getting the kids involved is enough, isn't it? People love to see happy kids at Christmas. It reminds them of when they were young and still felt the magic of going to bed on December 24, only to wake up on December 25 to a wonderland.

So bake cookies with your kids and take them to the local senior center. Go caroling with their slightly off-key but still sweet voices in the neighborhood.

We've got the best gift of the holidays -- our kids. It isn't really fair to keep it all to ourselves, is it?


Image via YouTube

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