Sweet Cat Soothes Crying Baby With Paw (VIDEO)

cat and babyYou know how some people just have a way with babies? They see one crying, pick him up, do some soothing magic, and all of a sudden the child you thought would never stop screaming is suddenly serene. Call them baby whisperers or what you will, but some people just have the magic touch with babies. And so it seems does at least one cat.

What the cat does in this video is one of the sweetest and craziest things I've seen in a long time. This brand-new little baby, Connar, is all fussy in his bouncy seat. Stewie the cat is making me nervous as he's got his paws awfully close to the little guy. Stewie looks a little annoyed, and I was worried he might scratch him or something. Instead, he starts stroking the baby's forehead, and funny enough, the baby stops fussing. Watch for yourself.


Is that one rad cat or what? They seriously need to breed Stewie and start marketing those cats to new parents. Can you imagine just sending the cat in during the middle of the night when the baby fusses? I'm not much of a cat person, but I would so sign up for a cat like that.

You never know how animals are going to react when new babies are brought home. Sometimes they get jealous and act out in destructive and perhaps dangerous ways, but usually the pets adapt and end up loving the kids and visa versa. My guess is Stewie and Connor are going to be pals for a long time.

How have your pets reacted to new babies in the house?

Image via YouTube



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