Even Gorilla Moms Get Fed Up With Crazy Playdates (VIDEO)

gorilla momWow. I've seen plenty of mother-and-baby animal footage that's made me say "Awww," or even "Look, that chimp/cat/dog/zebra is caring for her little one just like a human mom would!" But never before have I had this reaction:

Sister, I know your pain! Kids are exhausting, aren't they? Just when you think they're ready for a nap ... there they go getting all wild again!

That was, however, exactly the way I reacted to this video of a beleaguered gorilla mom who is clearly ready for her offspring's playdate to end.

And to think she never even invited this other kid over in the first place!


Who, by the way, is obviously a bad influence. Just watch how riled up this uninvited guest gets the baby gorilla (and vice versa):

I know, the playdate is actually pretty adorable. But look at that poor gorilla mom!

Okay, you had your fun, that's nice, time to calm down now ... okay, say bye-bye to your new friend ... you'll see him again another day ... that's it! Time for your nap!!

Can you relate to the gorilla mom in this video?

Image via YouTube

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