Santa Claus Ripped Me Off

santa claus rip offHow was your Christmas everybody? Ours was ah-mah-zing. Kids woke up and found stuffed stockings, we had a lovely breakfast together and started unwrapping those gifts. It was lovely, truly. And I could not have asked for a better day with my family.

Well, except for that one thing. That big, fat, red, thing. That big, fat, red, thing that I even downloaded an app for to convince my kids he exists. Yet, he bit me in the ass. Santa, you kind of put a damper on my Christmas.


You see, my little boy met Santa this year at the mall. Which, I think, is better than on the street corner. And for the first time he was able to ask Santa for a Christmas present. Even though this dude is only two, he knew how to say, "I want a light saber." Yes, his older sister has a Star Wars obsession, which he has inherited. So naturally Santa came through, and this little guy was sooooo happy. And his older sister, who is getting a little bit skeptical, got her Happy Napper that she had also asked Santa about on her visit to the mall.

The kids are thrilled, and my husband and I are out about $50. Santa gets all the credit, and we get the bill. Sure, we got them some other things they enjoy. But when it came to the big present, they went to the man in charge. And as far as they know, he delivered. Santa can do what mom and dad can't, and that kind of sucks.

So while my daughter is napping away and her brother is trying to wake her up by prodding a light saber into her side, I'm a little sulky. After all, Santa didn't have to fight the crowds at Target -- I did.

Ah well, how many more Christmas mornings will they believe anyway? Someday I'll get the credit. At least someday when I stop egging them on to believe.

Do you feel like Santa gets more credit than you do?


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