Gay Dads Show the Right Way to React to Pregnancy News (VIDEO)

gay grandpa reaction videoTelling parents that they're about to become grandparents is a huge deal. HUGE. Especially with that first baby that turns "parents" into "grands." I can imagine for some people, you feel like you just aged 50 years, and others feel like they've been waiting their whole lives for this moment. There really isn't anyone else who wasn't directly involved in creating that baby who will be more invested in your pregnancy. After all, that's a bit of grandma and grandpa's genetic material growing inside your uterus.

Other than my husband, I honestly can't remember how anyone reacted to my pregnancy news. But I'm sure I would have remembered had these two guys been my dads. Because THAT'S how you do it, folks. (Warning for the easily offended -- profanity headed your way.) 


And now I cry.

Every announcement of a new family member is emotional, but think about it from these guys' perspective. They grew up in a time where it was a struggle to even identify yourself as homosexual, much less adopt (note -- we don't know how they came to be fathers to either this young lady or young man) a child, raise him to adulthood, and then discover you're going to be grandfathers. That's got to feel epic.

To be told again and again that you're not a family, you don't count in the eyes of the law, you're not the "right" kind of people, and then watch your family grow in spite of all of these prejudices is truly amazing. This video may be of a family expressing its joy in discovering a pregnancy, but it feels much bigger than that. It feels like the birth of a truth that simply can't be denied. What a beautiful, hilarious, cursing family.

It looks like this video was taken last Christmas, so I'm guessing there's a bouncing baby at this year's holiday celebration. Would love to get an updated video of that adorableness.

Did your parents react this well when you gave them the pregnancy news?


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