8 Gifts You Should Never Get Another Person's Child

christmas treeAt every holiday party, with every gift to your kids, the fear is there. As each relative and friend passes along the shiny box all wrapped and sealed with a bow, the intensity grows. What's in it, we wonder as parents. And will it make my life living hell?!?

These dreaded gifts come from warm hearts with good intentions and of course are appreciated. But I'm here to spread the word, to help us all, by sharing the worst gifts you can get another person's child. Let's hope those buying for your kids are reading.



1. A toy gun. Especially if it's accompanied by the Goodfellas DVD.

2. Sugar-filled anything. There will already be way too many sweets around the house and unless the sugar-filled gifts come with a "I'll take care of your kid when she won't go to sleep and the dentist bills," then don't go there.

3. A lightsaber. Obvious why. But just in case you need a visual ....

Of course that won't really happen, but will it? 

4. Things that make loud, annoying, repetitive noises. Things that make loud, annoying, repetitve noise. THINGS THAT MAKE LOUD, ANNOYING, REPETIVE NOISES!

5. A pet of any kind. This also goes for anything that lives in a tank. Kids love the pet, but not the upkeep. Neither does mom.

6. Anything with 398,987 little pieces.

7. A paint set or markers unless they are of the "will wash out of anything" and "won't poison a child if eaten" variety.

8. Something not age appropriate. It will either sit in the closet taking up too much space until they are ready to play with it, or they'll break it and it will never be used as it should have been. Or of course, it will cause your child to choke on the small pieces, which in turn causes you to have a heart attack and spend the holidays in the hospital. Not fun.

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What are the most annoying gifts your child has ever received?


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