Moms Need to Get Off Facebook (VIDEO)

moms on facebookNo, not because of the flashy new Timeline feature (although I am wondering how interesting my life has been since 2008, really), it's not that stalker that's spreading your personal business, it's actually something much more important. Of course I'm talking about your kids.

I've certainly been guilty of updating my status while my daughter looks at me and sighs, but for the most part, I keep the Internet'ing to a minimum when the kids are with me. Especially when it's a mommy and me day and we've got big plans for fun. (Ummm, does posting pictures of me and my kids having fun count? Oh crap.) But not all kids are so, ahem, lucky, and so there's a non-profit organization looking after those neglected little ones. Here's their touching message:


All right, who's going to admit to spending too much time on social networks and not enough playing with your kiddos? While I've been a big advocate for unplugged Sundays, it seems like if we want to do anything -- plan the weekly menu, get directions for an outing, answer questions about our holiday plans -- we're online. It's gotten trickier and trickier to unplug.

However! This will be my (and my husband's) New Year's resolution. Log off, make more memories that aren't connected to the Interweb, and hope to never, ever hear the following words from our kids: "Mommy and Daddy, please log off Facebook."

Did this video make you shut down your computer?


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