Gay Dads Have Happiest Reaction Ever to Baby News (VIDEO)

Telling people you're pregnant is one of the most exciting and thrilling things you do during your entire nine months. Some have probably wanted it for years, some may have already guessed, and still others are shocked as all get out. Film that excitement and you probably have yourself a viral YouTube clip.

Well, two gay dads who were just told they are about to become grandfathers put every other grandparent excitement viral video to shame. Their excitement is loud and proud and made me cry.

See for yourself:


Every person deserves to have people get this excited about their pregnancy. This video, which was uploaded last year, should serve as ammo for every bigot who ever speaks out against gay marriage or gays having children.

This is love, pure and simple (and loud!). Every baby deserves it and every parent-to-be should have that kind of excitement behind them. Becoming a parent is scary, so having people be happy for you is crucial.

Now I wish I could go back in time, make these two guys my parents, and tell them I am pregnant. My own parent's somewhat subdued reaction has nothing on this.

Did you get a reaction like this?


Image via YouTube

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