Saddle for Daddy May Be Most Brilliantly Hilarious Gift You Could Give

daddleAmazon is selling an item called The Daddle, which is essentially a saddle for Daddy. Strap this $35 cushion fit with stirrups and a harness on Dad's back, throw your little one on there, hand him or her a whip if you so choose, and watch the games begin. I'm not sure who this gift is for, really -- dad, mom, or baby -- but what I do know is that it's a must-have and you need to buy it right this second, if not sooner.

Make sure your kid's big enough to support himself because this is an English saddle, I don't see a horn. But of course, in case the horse bucks, or stands up unexpectedly to grab the phone or something, Junior can grab onto the horse's hair or collar to keep himself in place. It will teach the horse a lesson real quick. No one likes to get choked by a 4-year-old jockey.


Think about all The Daddle has to offer. Not only will your child be amused, but imagine all the laughs you'll have watching your husband crawl around the house on his hands and knees for hours on end. Get creative with this and set up troughs where the horse can feed on Cheerios and carrots. Maybe set up a few obstacles made out of pillows and/or metal pots and pans that the horse has to jump over. Maybe when the jockey gets tired, encourage him to take the horse out back and hose him down and clean his hooves.

There are countless ways to enjoy this hilariously perfect product; the home video you'll take is more than worth the price of The Daddle. If you're really kind, you might want to pick up some knee pads along with this howdah -- horsie's poor patellas will be hurting, for sure.

What do you think of The Daddle?


Photo via Amazon

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