10 Most Hilarious & Heartwarming Kid Videos of 2011

twins talkingWe all know kids say and do the craziest things -- things we couldn't make up if we tried and things that might be unbelievable had someone not captured them on video. Fortunately these days everyone has a video camera in their home or on their phone, so more and more of these moments are being preserved and posted for the world to see.

This year was filled with endless videos that made us shriek, laugh, and cry. They are those little bright spots in your day that you want to post to Facebook or Twitter because they're just that remarkable or relatable. Most of them never get old no matter how many times you watch them. Here are 10 of the best kid videos from 2011 (in no particular order).


1. Twins Talking These twins sharing their secret language is mesmerizing. If it doesn't make you at least smile, you're a total Grinch.

2. Toddlers and Flour Don't Mix This one still gives me nightmares.

3. Disney Surprise Backfires You've never seen a kid so sad about going to the happiest place on earth.

4. Baby Makes Rejection Letter Hilarious This was certainly a year when many could use some humor when it came to the job search process, and this baby delivered.

5. Baby Bath Time Lapse Phew! No wonder we're so tired all the time.

6. Sneezes Are Really Funny This baby has one of the most infectious laughs ever.

7. Dog Eating Bubbles Cracks Up Toddler Watching her laughing at the dog makes me laugh every time. 

8. Military Dad Spelling Bee Surprise There are a lot of great military homecoming videos out there, but this one is among the B-E-S-T.

9. Twins Escape Crib These two are tricky ones, and their parents are surely going to have a lot on their hands for a long time to come.

10. Goofy Dad Makes Hilarious Memories With His Kid This one is just so sweet and simple and such a good reminder about how the little things that we do with our kids often become their biggest memories.

What were your favorite kid videos of 2011?

Image via YouTube

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