In Defense of Buying Your Toddler an iPad

toddler ipadHappy holidays! It's that time of year when we buy too many things for our kids and wind up feeling guilty anyway when we go on a playdate and discover Tiffany has a hand-built dollhouse made by Grandpa. Still, we try.

Some parents try too hard, as witnessed by a recent post on Facebook. My FB friend basically said if you're buying your 4-year-old an iPad for Christmas, well, forget you. If I didn't 'Like' on the page, I certainly liked in real life. I mean, spending hundreds of dollars on a gadget for a kid that you can't even afford to buy for yourself? You know kids ruin everything, right?

And then I found out my kids were getting iPads for Christmas. Suddenly it seems like an amazing idea.


My children are incredibly lucky to have an uncle with disposable income who also works for Apple. Said uncle recently attended a meeting where the educational apps for iPads were discussed and he promptly decided that my kids could be made into little geniuses and would most likely take care of him when he was old with all of their genius money, since he decided not to have kids. Or something like that. The end result was, my 2- and 5-year-olds are getting iPads. Okay, they're almost 3 and 6, but still.

Of course with the iPad comes great responsibility. My brother has already emailed me links where I can get the apps and I've promised not to upload Angry Birds instead. I've already found some great math apps that I know my kids will love. We have strict "screen time" rules that will now include the iPad, even if they're in the middle of long division. I'll also be putting those parental controls on so no one will be on Facebook or Twitter when I'm not looking. And then I'll just sit back and watch their little brains grow into super brains.

In truth, I do hope these iPads capture their attention and replace the requests for Team Umizoomi (although, hey, there's math there too!). If the way they clamor for my iPhone is any indication, it surely will. So if you've got the extra cash, and you're ready and able to stick to the rules, why not get an iPad for a toddler? You can get Netflix on that and it's called "Mommy's iPad" after 8 p.m.

Would you get your toddler an iPad?

Image via novemberwolf/Flickr

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