Adorable Rapping Toddler Has More Flow Than Kanye West (VIDEO)

2 year old rapperWe've seen some pretty cute toddler videos in our day, but this one of 2-year-old Alim Kamara may just take the cake. The kid can spit mad rhymes. Granted he can't spit any words, but his poetic stream of gibberish has cadence, melody, and dare I say, flow. Alim may not have any sort of vocabulary yet, but he can rap with the best of them. Here. Let me do an impression. Be! Ba be be be be ba da dee dah! Ga wah slah do bee do dah bee wah! It's so good that if I heard this in a club, I'd just think I was drunk.


This toddler rap phenom can spit some dope babbles, that's for sure. His dad is rapper turned filmmaker Femi Iloyi of London's hip hop group, Royal Priesthood, so Alim's got a talented pedigree. He's going to be a star. Or not. Doesn't matter. He can grow up to be an astrophysicist and laugh about this awesome video his dad made of him laying down some sick beats.

Also, if I may be serious for a second, I think this is such a great example of how our kids mimic and learn from us. Alim copies his dad's head movements, his hand gestures, his inflection, and the rhythm of his speech. And goodness gracious it is adorable.

Watch this amazing cute 2-year-old "rap" with daddy!

How cute is this?


Photo via YouTube

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