10 Gifts Moms REALLY Want for the Holidays

christmas present with bow

My husband is notorious for getting me gifts which I inevitably end up returning. Since becoming a mother, my gift-desires are just entirely different than they used to be. Expensive perfume? No thank you. Fancy handbag? Eh. Nice Jewelry? Maybe next year. What do I really want? Read on ...


1. Not to be woken up. Just let me sleep in as long as I want. For once.

2. Not to play referee. I’ve never much enjoyed sports, anyway. And I could really use a day off from breaking up fights and dolling out punishments.

3. Not to help with schoolwork. 

4. Not to wipe an ass. (Other than my own.)

5. Not to bathe children.

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6. Not to drive. A break from playing chauffeur sounds dreamy.

7. Not to think about dinner. It’s one of the first things I think about every day and it’s frequently greeted by yucks and ewwws. From everyone. Let's make it a pizza night.

8. Not to clean or straighten the house.

9. Not to be in charge of bedtime. Yes, I love snuggling with the kids, but a break from the endless pleas for more stories and songs would be nice for a night.

10. Not to discipline. Being the good guy for a change? Priceless.

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