6 Things I Miss Now That I Have Kids

kids drawingI expected that I'd give up a lot when I had kids. My sleep schedule, my ability to go out at a moment's notice, the hours I'd spend on the phone with my friends. That was to be expected. I mean, who wants to jabber on the phone with someone who is constantly yelling, "HEY GUYS, STOP MICROWAVING THE CAT! AGAIN!"

Answer: not me.

But these are the unexpected things I miss now that my kids are here.


1. My car. When kid number three popped out, I realized that it was going to be a long damn time before I was able to slip into my two-seater and take off for the afternoon, just me and the open road. Hell, I realized that when kid number one was born. But with kid number three, I realized that I wasn't going to be owning a CAR any time soon. It was time for the minivan. I broke down and bought one and I'll be dipped in shit if that thing isn't handy. But still. I miss my car.

2. My coffee table. I had grand visions of one day having a coffee table. A coffee table with books arranged just-so. Hilarious books, but still books. Now I have a train table. With trains. Not books. Not even a book ABOUT trains.

3. Trinkets. I'm not much of a tchotchke person, but I do have the occasional trinket I'd love to display. My Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween town decorations, for example. They're still in their boxes downstairs now, because I know the moment I set them up, my kids would be all over them, playing and breaking stuffs. So in their boxes they sadly wait.

4. My smartphone. Now, I still HAVE the thing, it's just that every time I pull it out, my kids are all over me, clamoring for a turn to play Angry Birds. And sometimes, that's just the sort of sanity-break I need to keep on keepin' on. So I let them. But damn, I do miss the thing.

5. My couches. Sure, they still exist -- in fact I may be sitting on one RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. However, they are now covered in marker, dried juice, partial bits of cracker, and marker. Marker from the day my toddler got a hold of my hot pink Sharpie and went to town. Most of it I was able to get out with a lot of OxiClean and some other chemicals that burned my hands off. What's left is a picture she drew. Of herself.

6. My sanity. Now I know you're thinking, "Did she HAVE any sanity to begin with?" And the answer is ... sorta. I mean, there was always ONE screw loose, but now? I'm missing the whole damn box.

What do YOU miss now that you have kids?

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