5 Adorable Kids Singing Christmas Songs Will Fill You With Holiday Spirit (VIDEOS)

kid singing christmas songsYou know those people who start moaning about Christmas songs around Thanksgiving Day and don't stop until Christmas night? I am not one of them. I say bring on the carols! The more the merrier -- literally.

But you know what really gets me in the Christmas spirit like nothing else? Hearing the voices of little kids singing the songs of the holidays. Whether they're singing an original tune like the kids in Nashville who have their own family music video to spread infectious holiday cheer, or they're trying to remember the words to a classic, there is something about the sweet voice of a little child that's just that much more magical! Check out these amazing little singers and tell me you don't want to go bake some Christmas cookies and open some presents!


The kids at PS22 in Staten Island, New York have made quite the name for themselves as super singers. They even caught the eye of Oprah with their talents! And this holiday they're wishing you a Merry Christmas with their own a capella version of Wham's Last Christmas.

This little sweetie makes me want to run out and buy her everything on her list. Fortunately, she's made it pretty easy for Santa. All he needs to know? I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas!

Maybe the Christmas songs when you were a kid were about a jolly old fat guy, but these kids know we've got an obesity crisis in America! They're skipping the cookies and milk because Santa's Getting Fit This Christmas!

Who cares if this little sweetie doesn't know all the words! She's giving Burl Ives a run for his money in the cute factor. I've never heard a sweeter version of A Holly, Jolly Christmas, have you?

What do you want for Christmas? Because after hearing Connie Talbot singing All I Want for Christmas Is You, I want to this 11-year-old as my personal radio! She could sing the ABC song and it would probably sound wonderful.

Do your kids sing Christmas songs? Have you captured their voices on tape yet so you can listen them again when they're older and get a taste of the magic?


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