Rich Children Do Not Have It Worse Than Poor Children

Sometimes being wealthy can get a bad name, especially when kids are involved. There is concern that children will be spoiled, will not understand the value of money, and will have insane expectations. All of that can be true. But not all parents who have a lot of money spoil their kids. And not all parents who are poor avoid spoiling. It isn't the means of the parents, it's the values.

Obviously rich kids don't have it worse than poor kids. There is no circumstance (except extreme abuse) in which not having means is superior to having means. When you have money, you have opportunity. And while it isn't nice to have everything handed to you and that does no kids any favors, it's also not necessary to act that way just because you have money.

I know plenty of children who grew up in very wealthy homes whose parents supported their education and then said, "You are on your own now." They are highly functional, successful people now.


Laziness doesn't happen because of money, it happens because of bad parenting, and not all children who grew up wealthy end up lazy. That is simply a myth.

You can be a good parent of means so long as you first realize your place. For many people who grow up with money and who then have it again, it can be very hard to find perspective. Even if you know you have more than others, it's sometimes hard to really feel that if you have never known any different.

It's important for parents of means to raise children who have a mind toward social justice and charity. Those things can be accomplished by not giving into a child's every whim and by not buying them $10,000 play houses just because you can.

In college, a woman I know came from a family who had billions in the bank, but in high school, her father made her work at Burger King. He paid for her school and she grew up in a world of ski houses and beach houses and boarding school, but she also learned the value of a dollar and today she is very successful in her own right.

There is more than one way of being "rich," and while spoiling is bad, having means is great. It means you can do summer language programs abroad, private schools, and organic foods. It means never having to worry about money and spending summers making lanyards at camp instead of working at the age of 13 delivering newspapers. 

The idea that wealthy kids have it worse than poorer kids is not fair and, in many cases, also not accurate. Even in a rarefied world, it's possible to give a child perspective. One just has to work a little harder.

Do you think rich kids have it worse than poor kids?


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