Mom's Awesome Adoption Fundraiser Lets You Feel Like You're Doing It Too

Piece of Her PuzzleWhen actress Katherine Heigl starts talking about adoption as though the whole world should be following that route, it sounds like a nice idea. Just imagine a world where no child went without a permanent family, no would-be parents went without a baby. And yet, what sounds good in concept never quite works out that way in the real world, does it? Not everyone can adopt ... or can they?

Adoption is a tough road even for the families who choose it. But even coming from a family full of several relatives who were adopted in, I don't think anything has driven the difficulty of the road home to me quite like the creative fundraising efforts of one North Carolina mom blogger trying to raise money to bring home her baby girl.


Angela Braniff (who I should disclose is a friend of a friend but we don't know each other) and her husband have two little girls, but they've always wanted to adopt. Now they're on the path to bring home a little girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo named Rose. The problem is, neither of the Braniffs ever worked on a hit ABC medical soap opera. Unlike Heigl, they have been struggling to afford their dream.

Now I know what you're thinking -- if you can't afford to adopt, you can't afford a kid, right? Not really. Because the costs beyond the adoption are pretty much the same as having a baby pop out of your stomach. You buy diapers and toys and food and yadda, yadda, yadda. I liken it more to families who undergo costly fertility treatments -- they may pay more at the outset than a mom who had her pregnancy more or less covered by her health insurance, but after baby's here, it's pretty much the same.

By some estimates, as much as 70 percent of families consider adoption, but only 3 to 4 percent actually do it -- in part because of the costs. That's why families fundraise. They let OTHER people be part of the adoption process.

And Angela Braniff has come up with one of the most creative ways to do it yet. She's purchased a giant puzzle. Put together, it's a world map, but apart, it represents pieces the Braniffs are selling off. Each time someone donates, they'll get their name on the back of the puzzle piece. At the end of the project, when all the pieces are bought, the puzzle will be put together and hung in Rose's room, so she will have a record of all the people who helped bring her home to her real family -- the people who "adopted her." How cool is that?

It turns out Heigl is right -- adopting a baby really is a route for everyone, but that doesn't have to mean bringing the baby home yourself. You can help someone else!

Have you helped a family fundraise for an adoption?


Image via The Braniff Family

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