Decent, Normal Dads Should Not Be Smothered With Praise

Hugh Jackman is an amazing actor, he is gorgeous, talented, funny, and he is also a dad. For him, the priority, no matter how much work he has, will always be his daughter. And the tabloids have been very clear on that, extolling his fatherly virtues on a daily basis when he picks up his little 6-year-old from school.

It's awe-inspiring and exciting to see dads actively participate, but it isn't so unusual. Besides, who has been picking the kids up all along? Can't moms get some love, too?

It has been the double standard my husband and I have seen since we first got pregnant almost six years ago. When he goes out with the kids alone, people praise him. When I do? Nada. Zilch. Nothing.


A few Saturdays ago, I had to work, so my husband took the kids to the Science Museum. He said no less than four people smiled and told him what a great dad he was. And when he takes them to the grocery store, it's even crazier.

"Your wife is so lucky to have you," one grandmother told him.

On the same trip, another woman said: "You give all dads a good name."

Well, I am and he does, but let's get real. I take my kids to the grocery store alone all the time and no one even gives me a second glance unless it's to be critical. After all, I am just doing what all moms do, right? Moms do it all and no one says they are awesome.

Hugh Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness might pick the kids up every day, but it isn't until DADDY does it that anyone gets any praise.

Look, good dads are great. But so are good moms. Anyone who takes two toddlers to the store is doing a great job as a parent. The next time I see a mom struggling to be patient while her kids scream and ask endless questions and wake her up in the middle of the night and fight her on wearing boots and jackets, I am going to go right up to her and tell her, "The world needs more women like you." Because it does.

We need good dads and good moms and both need a little recognition for their efforts.

Do you resent the double standard?

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