Kid Breaks Glass With His Voice & Demonstrates What All Moms Know (VIDEO)

Kid breaks glass with voiceThough sweet and lilting at times, the voices of our children can also be grating, painful, and damaging to our health. Usually, it's our mental health that's most in jeopardy from the whining, fighting, and SHRIEKING we hear, but this video proves they can do some real damage too.

The boy in the video is attempting to shatter a wine glass, using only his voice. Imagine his surprise when he actually accomplishes the feat. Actually, you don't have to imagine, you can watch it here.


Now, I think the straw is kind of cheating, and I think that awful squawking from the bird in the background may have contributed too -- talk about irritating. But I love the look on his face when he actually does it. While there are lots of comments on the YouTube post that it was a fake, I don't know. His reaction seems pretty genuine, and if he did fake it, he's a pretty good actor. Also, I'm going to guess that most of the naysayers aren't moms who hear the power of the voice each day.

My biggest problem with the whole thing is the fact that after all is said and done, he's sticking his fingers all over the broken glass. Kind of dangerous, no?

Do your kids' voices have the power to break things? Do you think this looks like a fake?

Image via YouTube

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