Let's All Let Toddlers Wear High Heels!

baby in heelsI don't generally fall into the alarmist mom camp when it comes to what little girls are wearing and whether said item of clothing is age-appropriate or a one-way ticket to future exotic dancer-ville, but even I will concede that certain lines should never be crossed (crotchless panties? Are those people high?). Anyway, more often than not, I feel like all the "but they're just innocent babies" fuss is much ado about nothing. The way your daughter turns out in life has everything to do with the ideas in her head, not the clothes on her body.

Given my ideology, do I have a problem with little girls wearing "high heels" around the holidays? No. No, can't say that I do.

Mostly because if it's patent leather with a buckle strap and it's small enough to fit the foot of a 3-year-old, it's not really a high-heeled shoe!!


I remember being somewhat surprised when my daughter was at the age where she became fascinated by fancy "big girl" shoes (now, she's more likely to wear Doc Martens or Converse). Not surprised by her fascination, but surprised that "big girl" shoes now seemed to feature a more substantial heel than when I was a kid. Granted, I'm not talking stilettos here -- just, you know, not full-on flat.

Anyway, I remember looking at the shoes, then looking at my daughter, who was about 3 years old at the time, and worrying that she'd run and slip and fall and scrape her knees within the first five minutes of wearing them.

But was I worried about some non-existent big-picture implications? Gimme a break. From wearing shiny black shoes with a little wedge heel to her grandmother's house for turkey and pie?

We have enough as parents to worry about -- legitimate threats to our kids' safety, well-being, and sense of self. Shoes? I think we can let that one go.

Do you let your toddler wear fancy big girl shoes with heels on special occasions?


Image via ChelseaWa/Flickr

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