10 Little Things I Am Thankful for Every Day

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for so many reasons, but foremost, it gives me the chance to reflect on all that I am grateful for. It's so easy to get caught up in the stress and annoyances of everyday life, and not focus on the good, of which I have an abundance.

I have a wonderful and supportive husband, children who amaze me every single day, and readers that are the best on the planet. I am so incredibly thankful for them all.

And then there are the little things I am thankful for; the ones that make life easier every single day. So, today, a few days before I give thanks for my true blessings, I'd like to pay homage to those small things I am thankful for. The things I wouldn't want to live without ...


1. Baby wipes. I never bought a box of wipes before I had a baby, but I have no doubt that I will be buying them for the rest of my life. I use them for everything from cleaning the counters to removing makeup to wiping messy faces. They're indispensable.

2. Hot showers. Our oil ran out last week and I was forced to take cold showers for a couple days. I don't think I'll ever forget how good that first burst of hot water felt. 

3. Naps. It's rare that I actually get to take one, but when I do? I swear I can hear the angels singing.

4. Boys who pee anywhere. The ease of having boys who can simply drop trou anywhere never ceases to thrill me. And fill me with slight jealousy.

5. Pizza delivery. We get it more often than I care to admit, but having a hot dinner, which all three of my kids inevitably chow down on, is a beautiful thing.

6. A kid who bathes herself. This year, Lily decided she was old enough to shower alone. One less child to scrub and shampoo and rinse makes my day just the tiniest bit easier.

7. Target. It's the one store where I can get every single thing I need from school uniform pants to milk to a waterproof mattress pad to a cute new clutch. I can't imagine life without it.

8. Texting. I was late to the game on this one, but have a new appreciation now that I can get an instant response from my teenage babysitters. Especially, of course, when the response is yes.

9. White athletic socks. Gone are my days spending hours matching socks and wanting to weep when my favorite pair of size 1 monster socks went missing. The boys now share one drawer of the same 40 socks and it's made life infinitely easier.

10. Television. It's free, always available, and it occupies my children so I can take a phone call, bath, or cook dinner in peace. I simply cannot imagine life without it.

What little thing are YOU thankful for?


Image via Scary Mommy

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